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Camptastic Helpline, 24/7

Call 1-844-SCOUT101 for tips to quell your camping calamity!

To help even more campers in Canada experience the benefits of the great outdoors,  Scouts Canada is launching its very first ‘Camptastic’ Helpline: 1-844-SCOUT101. (For Bell Canada customers, please dial 1-844-SCOUT10 to access the Camptastic Helpline.) 

This camping season, be ready for the most common mishap scenarios by hearing tips from real Scouting youth and volunteers! While Scouts Canada is all about ‘being prepared’ and planning ahead to anticipate challenges, this call-in line is designed for campers who are caught in a pinch, already at campsites and struggling with common camping concerns.

The free helpline, available 24/7, offers pre-recorded solutions from real Scouts and volunteer Scouters, giving advice for trending campsite concerns, like how to make simple tent repairs, filter water for drinking, building a fire in the rain and more. 

For emergencies and serious mishaps while camping, call emergency services immediately.


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